Industry: Automotive

This Application provides digitization to car wash business using the IoT Sensor(iBeacon). App provides guidance of process along with image of current service by using Sensor(iBeacon) place in the facility at each service station after payment.


  • Platform: Android
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Architecture: MVC

Type of Services

  • Real-time Navigation
    Search nearest service station.
    View transaction history
    Receive push notifications


When the client came up to us he already had an existing web application which would help his customers to search and find the company’s nearest service station. Additionally, it also acknowledged his customers about the various packages they offered for car cleaning and servicing.
But with acceptance of new era based on automation technology, the challenge that stood up in front of us was to provide route & real-time navigation according to the service package selected by the customer.



ManekTech’s analysis team suggested the use of beacon technology to be implemented at the service stations at various spots which solved the problem of providing routes to the customer.

Additionally, we also developed the application in a way that it would generate the QR Code with the selection of service package which would later be scanned by the authorized person and accordingly at the end the charges will be deducted from the balance.



Best Mobile application development into Android and iOS language, the amount of customers engaging into this app are 4000+

Hence, The app uses GPS, ibeacon technology and QR codes.

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