Industry: Automotive

Manufacturing solution business application to boost the productivity of the company’s workforce. This web application is specially for manager centric, where manager can add the Task details and allot to their team which is to be accomplished within particular period of time.


  • Platform: IOT
  • Language: IOT
  • Architecture: IOT

Type of Services

  • IoT Sensor Setup App
    IoT Sensor Management App
    IoT Sensor Detection App
    Factory Digitization


Idea was unique and worthy enough to implement, but there were a couple of challenges that our team faced:

Client side:

  1. To provide an easy way to get new beacon device registered into the system database.
  2. Additionally, as per end-user’s manufacturing unit requirement configure the functionalities of the device.
  3. Also, to implement a method to check the quality of beacon device.

End-user side:

  1. Factory Digitization Solution.



ManekTech mustered its resources to meet this challenge and overcome it. The developed applications were administered to provide Factory Digitalization Solution in the following manner:

  1. IoT Sensor Setup App: App provides a way to setup the new IoT Sensor and add it to the server. Authorized user can take the new factory reset sensor and initialize.
  2. IoT Sensor Management App: It provides way to update the IoT sensor parameters like UUID, major, minor, Tx power, range etc.
  3. IoT Sensor Detection App: In the factories, the products are manufactured step by step in multiple zones. At each zone one phone is placed, which is continuously scanning for the IoT sensors that are attached with the product.



ManekTech’s developers accomplished project goals and produced project deliverable within the timeline. Counter-intuitive productivity enhancing technique was applied in the business application to boost the productivity of the company’s workforce.

Key Points:

  1. Factory Digitization
  2. Monitor Temperature and Humidity
  3. Task Management & its real-time tracking.

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